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2020 CBBC Officer Nominations

Voting ends 12/24/2020

CBBC Role and Responsibilities...


President – Presides over all meetings of the organization.  Shall create or disband all committees and shall appoint all committee chairpersons as deemed necessary to properly conduct the affairs of this organization.  Ex-officio chairman of all committees.  Shall promote the growth of the CBBC and impartially enforce the by-laws.  The term is for 2 years (2020 and 2021).


1st VP – Shall assume all of the duties of the President in their absence and shall serve as chairman of the committees as appointed by President. This position will be responsible for EOY Band Trip, Prop Team and Showcase.


Treasurer(s) – Shall keep a record of (to include, but not limited to) all funds, receipts, and disbursements, showing each activity separately. The Treasurer will keep a full account of the same and provide a monthly update at CBBC Board Meetings as well as at quarterly Finance Committee Meeting. The Treasurer shall also verify that any tax returns filed by the Booster Club are filed by the appropriate dates.  


VP – Shall ensure that all committees are organized with an adequate number of members and that each booster club member has the opportunity to be assigned to one or more committees.   Initial slotting is:

VP1 – Annual Picnic, Concession Stand, Grilling Team

VP2 – Band Camp, Jazz Fest Fundraising, Uniforms

VP3 – General Band Fundraising, March-a-thon, Communications

VP4 – EOY Banquet, Feed the Kids, 50/50 Raffles

VP5 – Centerplate Fundraising, Watering Crew, Monthly Dining Out Events


Color Guard Rep – Shall work with both Band Director and the Color Guard Instructor to support and represent the Color Guard members by understanding their unique needs and lead/explain what it takes to participate as a member of the band program.  Also, they will actively participate and/or support the Winter Guard, if FHS has one, to include coordination with the Junior High for the cadet team.


Secretary – Shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings, notify all officers of their election, and each committee of its appointments.  Shall also report to the general membership the preceding minutes of the prior general meeting, and be responsible for all correspondence.

Roles and responsibilities above are subject to change or be moved to alternate positions.

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