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Volunteer Needs

The booster club is a completely volunteer entity.  We rely on parents, family and friends to support the band in all aspects.  We do not want anyone to carry a volunteer load all by themselves, we stress dual leadership in activities, this way, someone can step in when unexpected life opportunities occur.  We suggest the following for volunteering:


Freshman Year - Volunteer for activities, learn the ropes and determine which activity you may want to lead the next year.


Sophomore Year - Continue to volunteer for activities; co-lead an activity.


Junior Year - Co-lead an activity; train your replacement; volunteer for other activities.


Senior Year - Continue to volunteer for activities; ensure you have time allocated to senior activities with your band student (i.e., prom, graduation, etc.)  Senior activities happen once in the lifetime of your senior, so don't miss it.


Band News​​​​​​​​​​

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Tammy Durst - August 2013

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Please take advantage of all of these to stay up to date with the band.

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