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Crimson Band Program




Friday, October 19th

Stay @ School 

Football Game @ Ponchatoula High School 

All students (band, color guard and dance) need to bring their filled water jugs and should be wearing appropriate practice clothes for after school.


Saturday, October 21st

Marching Band @ Lakeshore Titans Clash in the Coliseum Festival - in Mandeville, LA

This is our first marching festival for the year. The purpose of the festivals leading up to Showcase is to perform and make adjustments to the show.  The focus is on nothing other than that.


All band students will be wearing the new uniform pants and a black long-sleeve compression shirt for this show. Under the uniform they will need to wear black athletic shorts and a black t-shirt.  Students must report to the school by 9:30 am with a bagged lunch. Students should arrive at school wearing the correct attire. Band members should arrive wearing black athletic shorts, a black t-shirt, long black socks, and black marching band shoes. Color Guard is to wear their assigned outfits.


Concessions will be available at the festival, so sending your student with money is advised. There will also be t-shirts and patches available for purchase at the festival. 


For parents and friends, Admission to the contest is $5 for adults and $3 for students. Children 5 and under are allowed into the contest for free. Program books are $3 each.


Saturday’s show schedule: (all times approximate)

9:00 am – The 18-wheeler truck with props and equipment will leave for Lakeshore. Parents interesting in helping should contact Jeff Ruth.

9:00 am – Students arrive at FHS for walk-through rehearsal.

10:00 am – students will get their uniforms and get dressed prior to leaving for the festival.

11:00 am – Buses depart for Lakeshore (they will eat their bagged lunch on the way)

12:35 pm – Warm Up A

1:05 pm – Transit to the stadium

1:15 pm – Stage for the field (at the gate)

1:20 pm – Performance
1:35 pm – Performance over, return to the parking lot to load equipment

2:30 pm – Awards Ceremony

3:00 pm – load buses to leave

3:15 pm – buses leave for FHS

3:30 pm – arrive at FHS




Southeastern Classic Marching Festival – Saturday, October 27, 2018 - Performance 3:30pm

Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA (Strawberry Stadium)


LMEA District VI Marching Festival – Monday, October 29, 2018 – Performance time 8:30pm

East Jefferson High School, Metairie, LA


Louisiana Showcase of Marching Bands – Saturday, November 3, 2018 – Performance time- 4:30pm 



If we are rehearsing in the parking lot, please help us out by walking over to the front of the band to watch them perform. Having some parents there will give them a little pressure to perform for others and they LOVE performing for you…even if they don’t say it. We usually start our run-thru’s 30 minutes before the end of rehearsal, we should be starting those run-thru’s around 5:00. We would love to have you join us on the sidelines. You will be very impressed to see how hard your child is working, and the growth you will see over the next few weeks will amaze you.  


Please let us know if you have any questions!


Take Care,

Lee Hicks and Aaron Miller





Please email Mr. Hicks at or Mr. Miller at


Account Balances       Denise Howell or Angie Fasullo –


SCRIP                         John Ortiz at




It is important to consult the band calendar before scheduling things where there is flexibility, such as doctor’s appointments, driver’s ed., etc.   Missing a rehearsal because of unavoidable conflicts is understood, but it is important that every individual is at every rehearsal otherwise.  The band program is a big commitment and we need everyone on the same page to make this work!

Feel free to e-mail Mr. Hicks or Mr. Miller with any questions you may have