Volunteer opportunities for the "Concession Stand and Watering Crew" are now open. 


Please pay attention to the dates you are volunteering for.  There are separate sheets for "Concession Stand" and "Watering Crew".

Also, there will be a meeting on Wednesday, Aug 24th, at 6PM at the concession stand for both the concession stand crew and watering crew.  If you can make it, please be there.

See below for the game dates and details:

Stay at school - feed the kids dinners @ 4:30 p.m.

             9/02/2022 - Home Game 

             9/09/2022 - FHS @ Walker (Away)

             9/16/2022 - FHS vs. Franklinton

             9/23/2022 - FHS @ Hammond (Away)

             10/7/2022 - FHS @ Northshore (Away)

             10/14/2022 - FHS vs. Mandeville

             10/21/2022 - FHS @ Ponchatoula (Away)

             10/28/2022 - FHS vs. Slidell

             11/04/2022 - FHS vs. St. Paul