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As a Crimson Band Booster Club parent/supporter, we need volunteers in a myriad of different areas.  Each parent/supporter is expected to volunteer in some capacity.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  It is best to pick areas which spotlight your strengths and your desire/passion.  Each activity requires a coordinator/lead; it is our preference that the responsibility be shared amongst two individuals.


The following below needs are highlighted and need to be filled by a Crimson Band Booster Club parent/supporter.

The band members (includes marching band, color guard and dance team members) participate in one of our largest fund raisers as a band program. Students simply solicit pledges from friends, family, neighbors and even local businesses. Pledges can be per hour or a flat donation.


We are in need of two (2) parents/supports to lead this effort and many committee members/parent volunteers for the event.


Volunteer Opportunities

Leaders and/or Committee Members

During Football Season, the Crimson Band Booster Club provides pre-game meals for all band and color guard students performing at the games.  Volunteers are needed to help set-up, prepare and tear down during/after meals are served.  

Click here for more information and volunteer details.

if interested, email

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Feed The Kids

The band members (includes marching band, color guard and dance team members) participate at least two (2) weeks over the summer to get ready for the next marching season.


From planning to execution to wrapping it all up with a student concert, we are in need of parent volunteers to support this effort. 

Band Camp Committee
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Hello and welcome.  I want to thank you for your interest in the Dad’s Club.  You are the muscle behind the band!  The Dad’s Club provides the ‘heavy lifting’ if you will, for the various programs within the overall band program. 

  • With guidance from the band directors, you plan, build, and move the props used in our Showcase performance as well as half-time football shows, when used. 

  • You help with the set-up and tear-down of the concession stand as well as do the grilling, frying, cooking as well as handling the beverages sold at the concession stand.

  • You help with the transportation of band and color guard equipment to and from football games, Showcase, festivals, Mardi Gras and concerts when necessary, and finally,

  • You help in the loading of the various trailers used in transporting the programs equipment.

We are in need of parent volunteers to support this effort.  Aaron Hotard is leading this committee.  Remember, there is no job too small.  Everyone’s help is appreciated more than can ever be expressed.

Click here for more information and volunteer details.

If interested, email

Dad's Club Committee
Jazz Fest Committee
Concession Stand Committee
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Band Pic.jpg

The FHS Band and Color Guard are invited every year to work the Jazz and Heritage Festival.  This has been a tremendous fundraising opportunity for the Crimson Band in years past.  Be on the lookout for a volunteer sign-up for this event in the spring.

Here are some particulars you will need to know before committing to volunteer.  Volunteers will be working the Starduster’s Drink Booth selling sodas, water, and beer.  When scheduling to volunteer, please remember this will be for the entire day.  Volunteers typically arrive around 9am and will not leave until 7pm.  All volunteers are required to attend a meeting at 9:45am and must work two 2-hour shifts.  You will never work two shifts back to back.

If you would like to see a certain entertainer during the fest and are scheduled to work that day, please know that you may not be able to see the entire performance.  If you want to view an entire performance, then please do not volunteer for that day and pay to enter.

In the spring, we will have a meeting before Jazz Fest to go over, in detail, the duties and responsibilities of everyone who volunteers.

The Crimson Band Booster Club operates the concession stand during home football games.  Operating the concession stand provides an opportunity to earn money to support the band.  Operated properly the concession stand is one of the band programs largest fundraisers. 


It takes thirty-eight (38) volunteers to run our concession stand during home games.  It could certainly be run by fewer, and if you look at everything closely, not all thirty-eight people are needed at the same time, but it becomes more work for fewer people. There is a concession team leader who is assisted by a front of the house leader and a back of the house leader.  There is also the support of the ‘Cooking Dads’ who do most of the ‘out back’ cooking.  Our concession volunteers set-up, grill burgers and hot dogs, fry French fries and other items, cook Jambalaya, assemble, and sell food, clean up and help with inventory control.


Thank you for signing up for this committee.  I believe you will find it a rewarding experience.

Click here for more information and volunteer details.

If interested, email

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